Conduct a stakeholder audit

We can help you to:

gain confidential, impartial views from your stakeholders, including
- internal stakeholders such as board and council officers, executive committees, members, and key influencers, and
- external stakeholders such as industry representatives or regulating bodies in the areas where you want to work

understand your offering in the wider marketplace, taking an in-depth look at what competitors are doing

analyse findings and present options and recommendations through an indepth report offering insight into
- what your members really feel and what industry really want
- how to develop your offer to have maximum appeal for potential partners
- how to initiate the partnerships that help you raise vital income for your future work
- leveraging your brand to raise profile and awareness
- communicating with all stakeholder groups for maximum buy-in
-suggested timings and actions for implementation

Initiate and implement industry partnerships
Industry are looking to partner with healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders in a new way.

Working with you, we create powerful connections to underpin the successful partnerships that can generate revenue, leverage your brand, generate the most positive outputs and impact.

Some steps include
- developing your offering and creating relevant marketing tools
- creating a database of potential partners, by sector, calling on our extensive network and leveraging yours
- setting up and facilitating meetings to foster relationships
- making best use of your resources and supplementing when needed
- producing and updating documentation with you to ensure all contractual relationships with industry are compliant
- final negotiation and sale

Generate income through event-related educational grants

Many pharmaceutical and device companies offer event-specific grants in support of quality independent medical education. Our experienced team have a proven track record in navigating the complexities of the grant process to tap in to this potential income and can do the following for you:
- identify relevant organisations
- build and manage a grants database
- advise on how to determine and position medical education learning outcomes, in order to ensure the best chance of receiving funding
- apply on your behalf to what could be a substantial number of grant giving organisations
- coordinate evaluations, demographics, financials and all other outputs required by the grant providers

Turn compliance from a threat into an opportunity
We embrace change, create opportunities, and offer quality and compliant medical education. New approaches are needed in view of new challenges such as changing accreditation criteria, increasing industry regulations, and decreasing funding.  

We are experts in this area and we can:
- help you put in place practical processes, procedures, and codes of conduct to ensure compliance in all activities
- advise on your event content and desired output, satisfying the different needs of your key stakeholders: healthcare professionals and organisations, accrediting bodies, and industry partners  
- run customised training workshops for your Fellows and staff, giving them the tools to work in a fully compliant way
- advise on how to evaluate your medical education and learning outcomes to ensure full compliance

Develop your meetings and events by
- reviewing your strategic objectives as part of a holistic approach to bring the most to your members and delegates
- conducting a focused audit to find out how your members and wider communities want to engage
- initiating conversations with industry with a view to working in new and innovative way at your events
- attending your conference and providing an independent evaluation and recommendations report
- recommending creative educational learning formats to maximise impact and meet objectives
- curating the overall programme
- analysing your resources
- managing tenders when outsourced support, such as professional conference organisation, is needed
- setting up an internal conference management service that can be offered to external customers
- advising on the best platforms - your online offering, educational products, events - to attract members and followers
- implementing delegate acquisition tools
- reviewing and advising on event budgets
- providing on-site conference support teams

Adding a charitable or CSR element extends your reach with an extra degree of purpose. A wide community can learn, do good, create good and feel good as a result.

We create and manage campaigns that
- reinforce the benefit of the work you do
- stimulate a greater awareness of your activities
- educate the public
- bring together your delegates, event destination supporters and partners in a joint fundraising activity
- show that your organisation cares about specific issues or causes