Connect to experts and institutions

- conduct selective interviews and stakeholder audits to shed light on what customers really think
- help lead research to identify and populate a database of specialists in your core medical areas
- connect to leading associations and institutions with the aim of areas of common ground.

Initiate and implement partnerships

- map the areas of potential for partnership opportunities that best meet your strategy and aims
- make the introductions most likely to lead to fruitful partnerships
- establish guidelines for forward-looking account management to promote longstanding relationships.

Facilitate advisory boards

- set up and manage advisory boards, ensuring dialogue at the highest levels with the most informed experts.


Adding a charitable or CSR element extends your reach with an extra degree of purpose. A wide community can learn, do good, create good and feel good as a result.

We create and manage campaigns that

- reinforce the benefit of the work you do
- stimulate a greater awareness of your activities
- educate the public
- bring together your stakeholders and partners in a joint fundraising activity, which could be a campaign or an event
- show that your organisation cares about specific issues or causes.