Adding a charitable or CSR element gives an event an extra degree of purpose. Participants can do good, create good and feel good as a result.


We believe that good is done through the impact events have on many communities – public, professional, social, educational and within the host cities themselves.

Making meaningful use of content from an event harnesses the energy from the event and has the potential to create long-lasting benefits:  a greater awareness of your work, an increased will to support you, higher levels of collaboration, and a commitment to the highest levels of involvement in your own organisational community.

Read here the case study on our work for European Cancer Organisation (ECCO)

The campaign was a huge success for us. We were able to create a significant impact while in Vienna, as well as leave a valuable brand and platform for our local partner to use in future years.
— Davi Kaur, Head of Congress Unit, ECCO (European Cancer Organisation) -
This is a special anniversary year for BOPA and it’s proven to be the biggest and best conference yet. We’re thrilled at the result of our GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt - a superb idea by Create4 and Succinct Communications.
— Steve Williamson, Chair, British Oncology Pharmacy Association