Jude Cosway

Managing partner


Jude is co-owner of Create4 and Managing Partner.

Jude has worked in the Meetings and Events sector since 1991.

She has held senior positions with Edinburgh and London Convention bureaux where she was instrumental in setting up, developing and leading city wide Ambassador programmes. By identifying and working alongside key opinion leaders in the medical and scientific sectors Jude was able to identify the challenges faced by senior physicians and scientists and in particular their interactions with industry. Destination marketing and leading robust city bids for the bureaux, meant that Jude and her teams secured winning bids for many international associations, bringing major international events into the UK.

Jude has held senior business development roles with Professional conference organisers where she has won and overseen the delivery of major medical and scientific meetings. Marketing and securing revenue streams are vital elements of this process.
Jude’s varied experiences include: working with membership organisations, corporate clients, conference centres, leading hotel chains and various production companies. Her responsibilities have included working with their marketing teams, developing training programmes for sales teams and developing new business.

Jude is a strategic thinker and by drawing on her vast experiences can provide rounded holistic solutions to meet her clients’ challenges and creates new opportunities for engagement in innovative ways.

Jude has worked with: British Association of Urological Surgeons, British Bankers Association, British Maxillofacial Surgeons, British Medical Ultrasound Society, British Oncology Pharmacy Association, Cancer Colloquia, Clansman Monarch, Edinburgh Convention Bureau, European Orthodontic Society, European Society for Opinion and Market Research, European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, European Society of Regional Anaesthesia, Global Exhibition Specialists, International Society for Artificial Organs, International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, London & Partners, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, TFI Group and Wood Mackenzie.

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“Create4’s Jude Cosway, generated an overwhelming interest in partnership amongst potential sponsors.  As a medical society, we must operate within an appropriate reputational and positional framework and our partnerships must reflect that. Create4 helped us to understand what we need to offer to attract partners, and to define the parameters within which we could do that comfortably and ethically.

“Create4 have been great to work with. They have developed a bespoke, pro-active relationship based on our needs and their approach is independent and intelligent. They’re not shy about making recommendations to add value, but they also adapt to the direction of travel that emerges. For us, they have achieved value beyond our original expectations. They test the parameters of what you think you know and they offer options and recommendations that can quickly be translated into implementation. I have no doubt that anyone commissioning Create4 will quickly find themselves in a more advanced progressive state than where they started.”

– Nick Samuels  Director, Strategy, Communications and Policy, Royal College of Physicians

“Jude has an excellent knowledge of the not-for-profit association sector, and in her business lifetime has worked on all sides of the fence – venue, professional conference organiser, and client side. This gives her a very good insight into the needs of all parties and therefore she can adapt and engage all forces to deliver to objectives. She worked on a specific ambassador programme, London Leaders of Excellence research, which required patience, knowledge of the medical sector, and being able to navigate through the web of academia.  

“In summary Jude is able to conduct research, front client appointments, engage in staff training and is flexible to be adaptable as required. I have always found Jude to be very professional, proactive and organised in her work and would not hesitate in recommending her for a business development role or project.”

– Becky Graveney,  Head of Associations, London & Partners

 “Jude returned to TFI Group in November 2014. We worked together for 18 months and for 6 of those, she reported to me. Jude was responsible primarily for business development for the association channel at TFI. Against very difficult market conditions, she used her excellent knowledge of the UK healthcare and medical sector to secure a number of valuable opportunities several of which were successfully converted including: Royal College of Psychiatrists, European Society for Regional Anaesthesia, European Orthodontic Society and The Growth Faculty. She also built up a very healthy pipeline of other new business opportunities.

“Jude demonstrates an extensive knowledge of the sector along with a contagious enthusiasm and determination to drive new business. She builds long-standing relationships, is honest and trustworthy and is a strong team player. Further, she was and is extremely well connected with venues, association bodies and those who carry huge influence in medical and scientific associations. She is regarded by all whom she knows as hard-working, honest, caring and intelligent. She takes her work extremely seriously and yet carries all that she does with a smile and a willingness to do considerably more than the minimum.

“The business scenario at TFI Group over the last year or so has been difficult and circumstances made it very hard for Jude to continue working there. TFI has lost a terrific team player and someone who regards duty and fairness as very important ingredients in relationships with clients, potential clients and colleagues alike. I can absolutely, and with no shadow of any doubt, recommend her to you.”

– Simon Maier,  Former Group Creative Director, TFI

 “During the whole time I have known and worked alongside Jude, I have found her to be extremely hard working, highly principled and very self-motivated. Her extensive knowledge of the Association sector and Association events allows her to speak and interact with association clients and the stakeholders involved in a partnership approach, and she also demonstrates a commitment to ensure all parties involved in these events achieve the outcomes they desire. She is a confident and consummate professional and always goes the extra mile to achieve success.”

– Sue Etherington  Head of International Sales and Industry Relations Queen Elizabeth II Centre