What you get

Valuable insight into what your customers, members and partners think of you, want from you and can give you

Strategies for generating partnerships and sustaining long term relationships

Meetings strategies to ensure that your members achieve their goals through the events you run

Communications plans to help you communicate at the right level across the board

Access to an extensive stakeholder network particularly in the healthcare and life science sectors

Practical guidelines to ensure that your interactions are fully compliant

Generation of long-term income streams through partnerships and grants

Creation of campaigns that leave a real legacy

How we work

We offer a unique approach that combines our experience and networks with yours, integrating our teams for best results.

Starting with a deep-dive analysis to identify where the potential is, we then work with you on focused strategies that fully engage the right audiences and produce tangible, measurable benefits for you.

We work with you to meet your needs, from working on a bespoke project to a full service implementation plan.

Thanks to Create4’s professional approach, and the close partnership achieved between WCPT and Create4, our industry partners felt valued and an integrated part of the whole event, reporting high levels of satisfaction.
— Tracy Bury, Director Professional Policy, World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT)